Bologna Face Masks

Inspired by the masks we used to make as kids by biting holes into bologna, these masks brought smiles (and hydration) to faces everywhere.

Bologna Face Masks gained over two billion impressions, including 193 million earned social impressions, and Oscar Mayer brand mentions went up 723% in the weeks after launch.

CNN, USA Today, Fast Company, The Washington Post, People, The NY Post, Mental Floss, Eater, Fortune, The Cut, Nerdist, Allure, Delish, Yahoo!, Newsweek, Food & Wine, ComicBook.com, Taste Of Home, Today, Cnet, AdAge, Market Watch, a bunch of local stations, and just about every morning show that exists.

Cannes, One Show

They were the #1 New Release in Beauty & Personal Care on Amazon and sold out in hours. There was even a secondary market on eBay.

Directed and Photographed by Jessica Pettway, Giant Artists.

Made with Amanda Younger, Melusi Mhlungu, Jeph Burton, Hunter Hampton and Rachel Frederick.