Make a Masterpiece

We challenged digital artists to faithfully recreate lost, stolen and destroyed masterpieces using Adobe Stock photography.

Wired, The Washington Post, Gizmodo, PetaPixel

This is our case study:

See Jean-Charles Debroize re-create Caravaggio's destroyed painting.

Watch Karla Cordova re-create Frida Kahlo's lost painting.

Watch Mike Campau re-create Karl Friedrich Schinkel's burned painting from start to finish.

We profiled one of our artists, Ankur Patar, as he re-created a stolen Rembrandt.

We created a fully interactive web experience, letting people go layer-by-layer to see the exact pieces of stock used in an online art gallery.

Here's a closer look at the re-created masterpieces.

Rembrandt Storm on the Sea of Galilee

Karl Friedrich Schinkel Cathedral Towering over a Town

Frida Kahlo The Wounded Table

Caravaggio St. Matthew and the Angel

We also made a bunch of banners, website takeovers, social posts, etc, but I think you get the idea.

Directed by Glen Janssens, eMotion Studios

Made with Bennett Austin, Will Elliott, and Patrick Knowlton